WimFactory is a Smart factory
platform consisting of h/w,
Wicon and s/w Wim-X.

WimFactory Introduce

Smart Factory is UlalaLab's Wimfactory!
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Smart factory solution

Major features

Accurate and efficient factory management is possible with decision making based on data.

Real time data collection and management

Efficient data management is possible by collecting data coming from factory quickly and accurately and storing it on Cloud/Server.

Data visualization and real time monitoring

Real time monitoring is possible with vidualizing data stored in Cloud/Server.

Alarm for event

Loss is minimized by real time alarm when the value is out of threshhold.

Data statistics and analysis report

Event forecast and facility predictive maintenance are possible by providing customized analysis report based on big data analysis and machine learning.

Global partners

You can meet Wimfactory through our Global partners across the world.

Global Partner Map
  • China

  • Malaysia

  • Switzerland

  • Thailand

  • Taiwan

  • United States



IoT smart factory platform for small & medium sized manufactoring industry, WimFactory!